In 2011, development started on a better, more secure design of security tag than those that existed on the market.

What followed was an extensive testing period in partnership with a major global athleisure retailer – one that saw average stock losses through theft reduced by as much as 75 per cent.

From the start it became clear that this was a garment tagging device that was clearly more secure that anything that’s come before and is the most exciting advance in EAS tagging for over 30 years.

In 2015, four years after development started and with a number of revisions over time that made it even more effective, the Concept Tag was officially launched.

Since then, the Concept Tag has been recognised as an award-winning, industry-leading product and has found a home with some of the biggest high-street names, including John Lewis, River Island, JD Sports and Matalan.

As well as success in the UK, we’ve sent tens of millions of tags across the globe to help retailers protect their stock and increase their bottom line. The Concept Tag has a home in over 20 countries, including the USA, Australia, Russia, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain.

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50,000,000 Concept Tags installed worldwide

January 2021 Spanish office opens in Malaga.
December 2020 Number of Concept Tags installed worldwide reaches 50 million
November 2020 Launch of Next Generation Concept Tag.
October 2020 Range of tags extended to include smaller 40mm and 45mm tags.
December 2019 By the end of 2019 over 35 million Concept Tags have been distributed throughout the UK and exported overseas.
December 2018 The rapid global expansion of sales of the Concept Tag sees Agon Systems placed in the top 100 fastest growing private businesses in the UK.
December 2017 The Concept Tag has now been installed in 20 countries worldwide, just two years after launching.
October 2016 The Concept Tag wins the ‘Best Newcomer’ Award at the 2016 Retail Fraud Awards, the award that recognises the most exciting new product in the retail fraud arena.
July 2015 Further revision is made to the unique design of the Concept Tag. ‘Version 3’ is produced and 65,000 are installed in JD Sports’ flagship UK store on Oxford Street, London.
January 2014 Version 1 of the Concept Tag is tested, with 15,000 tags being installed in JD Sports’ store in Stratford, London.
January 2011 Development starts on a better, more secure design of security tag than currently exists on the market.
Working with global retailers to reduce fashion losses due to external theft by 50% or more
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