Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions concerning the Concept Tag range of products.

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  1. Will the Concept Tag work with my current EAS system?

    Yes absolutely. The Concept Tag is available in either RF or AM and will work on your existing system without any modification.

  2. I currently use a Sensormatic Power Releaser, will I have to have another hole cut in my till area?

    No, not at all - the Concept Releaser will fit into the existing Sensormatic hole.

  3. Will I still be able to use my existing Magnet releaser?

    Yes. The Concept Tag only fits apparel lines so you may still find you need to use existing lanyard tags etc. to protect some other stock.

  4. How is the Concept Releaser fitted?

    One of our Agon engineers will visit your premises and, using a template, cut out a hole which the Concept Releaser snuggly fits into. The releaser sits flush with the counter for a neat, seamless finish.

  5. Do I have to have ink in the tags?

    No, the Concept Tag is available with or without ink.

  6. What colour is the Concept Tag available in?

    Generally we hold stock of black tags, however for larger orders you can choose any colour to best fit your brand.

  7. What printing can we have on the tag?

    Our stock tags will have the standard warning sign in English, however we are also able to offer any style or format of printing you require. If you would like a foreign language warning or to have your brand logo printed on the tag, it’s not a problem.

  8. What’s the lead time for orders?

    For standard tags it will be a matter of days, but if you decide to order a specific colour or print then it will be 8 weeks.

  9. What kind of results can I expect from using the Concept Tag?

    In tests carried out with a major multi-national retailer, selling some of the world’s most famous sports brands, losses were reduced by 66%.

  10. What’s the typical ROI (Return on Investment)?

    We guarantee that you will see a minimum of 30% reduction in your losses, or we will refund your money.

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