Concept Releaser

The Concept Releaser uses patented technology to supercharge your shop floor protection.

The Concept Releaser is the linchpin of the Concept Solution, adding extra layers of security to the Concept Tag, Alarm Tag and Bottle Tag.

Electronically powered and deliberately manufactured to not be portable, with the Concept Releaser thieves aren’t given the chance to remove and copy the technology.

Available in three variations depending on the level of protection required, the Concept Releaser is an indispensable part of the modern retailer’s arsenal against shop floor theft.

Concept Releaser Mobile Unit

The Concept Releaser is a constantly powered, always-on device that is continually ready to remove Concept Tags.

Each unit has a serial number, enabling them to be tracked, traced and accounted for at all times.


On-Off Concept Releaser

The On-Off Concept Releaser has been designed to turn off automatically after a set period of inactivity, making it a perfect fit for cash desks that aren’t constantly in use and only active at peak trading times.

In addition, for increased security, the On-Off Concept Releaser can only be activated by dedicated RFID touch cards held by authorised members of staff.

This means that any unsanctioned or unsupervised use — either by replenishment staff working outside trading hours or potential shoplifters — is impossible.

RFID Concept Releaser

The RFID Concept Releaser works alongside a retailer’s RFID label and tagging systems, combining the very best technological advances to create the most advanced security tag and releaser ecosystem on the market.

Capable of being connected to your point-of-sale tills systems, the RFID Concept Releaser can be set to release tags only after an item has been logged and paid for — practically eradicating the long-standing problem of ‘sweethearting’ during the checkout process.

With this direct link to the POS system and with many retailers moving away from staffed cash desks, the RFID Concept Releaser is a future-proofed solution that will keep any automated self-service checkouts just as secure.

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Concept Releaser Mobile Unit

The Concept Releaser Mobile Unit is fitted with robust caster wheels so it can easily be moved to any location.

The lockable lift-up top contains twin tag holes through which tags can be dropped into two separate acrylic tag bins. A secure pull-out drawer provides easy access to the tag bins, and there is an optional cut-out for a magnetic detacher if required.

The unit comes with a convenient hanging rail on one side and hanging post on the other.

Specification: W: 400mm D: 420mm H: 950mm

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