The Concept Tag unites Agon Systems and Checkpoint Systems in the Asia-Pacific region

Due to the continuing growing epidemic of thieves removing tags and Concept Tag’s unique ability to provide a solution to this problem, we have found an expanding customer base for Concept Tag in the Asia-Pacific region, in particular Australia.

Under the directorship of Warwick Debney, Agon’s Master Distributor for the Asia-Pacific region, we have now executed an agreement in order to meet this demand and are delighted to announce that Checkpoint Systems have been appointed as the Official Distributor for Concept Tag in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mark Gentle, Vice-President (Asia-Pacific region), Checkpoint Systems:

“Checkpoint are excited to be officially appointed as the Concept Tag distributor for the APAC region. It is a solution that our customers have requested to enhance our extensive asset protection portfolio. We foresee a huge potential for this solution and have already had several retailers experience results of over 70% reduction in loss.”

Left to right: Mark Stafford (Checkpoint), Sean Welch (Agon), Mark Gentle (Checkpoint), Warwick Debney (Concept Tag)

Agon Systems considered Checkpoint Systems as the ideal partner for such a large geographical area, due to their outstanding reputation in the industry, plus their large infrastructure, enabling them to service retailers across this region.

This global expansion has been driven by the tremendous results Concept Tag continues to deliver to retailers, with many of these retailers globally seeing a reduction in losses of 50 – 80%.

Sean Welch, Managing Director, Agon Systems:

“This is a very exciting partnership with Checkpoint, that will enable the growing number of Concept Tags users to be fully supported by one of the world’s most respected EAS suppliers, across the vast APAC region.”





Agon Systems is a manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) equipment based near Eastbourne, in the United Kingdom. Over the last 20 years Agon Systems has produced more than 200,000 high quality EAS antenna, which have been installed in some of the highest profile retail locations around the globe.

The Concept Tag is a revolutionary EAS tagging device created by Agon Systems that has been proven to reduce illicit tag removal and deter criminals.

Years of development produced a unique locking mechanism within the Concept Tag that is practically impossible to remove the tag by force.

Tests have shown it would need over 50 kilograms of pressure applied to force the tag off of a garment – meaning it would likely cause damage to the garment or shoplifter if attempted.