REISS trials Concept Tag in 4 UK stores

What happens when you combine the world’s most secure tag with a chic aesthetic? You get a loss-prevention solution that’s a clear winner for a high-end fashion retailer like REISS.

We have recently started working in partnership with REISS to trial Concept Tag in four of its London stores: Regent Street, Brent Cross, Barrett Street and Kent House.

REISS Brent Cross
The REISS Brent Cross store

Maintaining the in-store experience our customers expect is paramount. As a result, the flexibility afforded by the Concept Tag to be deployed discreetly and with minimal equipment really stood out to us. We’re excited about seeing the results of the trial.

Andy Hind, Global Loss Prevention Manager, Reiss

Security for a luxury brand

Currently, REISS don’t use security tags. To create a seamless solution, we are blending our innovative technology with the brand’s ethos for a sophisticated approach.

REISS Regent Street

REISS was started in 1971 by owner David Reiss and has since grown into a global empire built upon the foundations of its luxury tailoring and timeless aesthetic. A favourite of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, REISS boasts a number of celebrities among its customer base.

The brand is known not only for design quality in its clothes, but also for its buildings and shop-fronts. REISS International HQ in Picton Place, London won an RIBA architecture award when it opened in 2007.

REISS Barrett Street
REISS Barrett Street

This puts discretion top of the wish-list and our smallest Concept Tag (measuring only 40mm) is a perfect fit. Because any size of Concept Tag is virtually impossible to remove without damaging the clothes, it is highly effective as a deterrent to thieves.

REISS Brent Cross

There will be no security pedestals installed at the doorways during the trial, preserving the elegant shop-front design that customers have long associated with REISS. The Concept Tag itself is enough to encourage shoplifters to stay away.

Supporting ambitious growth

With 183 outlets in 14 different countries, REISS already has a strong presence and there’s no desire to stand still. 2021 saw the launch of the first childrenswear collection and REISS’s partnership with NEXT Plc has allowed it to improve and increase its online infrastructure.

At Agon Systems we use a consultative approach to create real impact and implement a solution that’s tailor-made for the client to protect profit, giving them more fuel for growth.

Use our loss reduction calculator to model the savings you could make, read about a 78% reduction in stock loss for All Saints and get in touch with us to start discussions about trialling our Concept Tag technology.