Improved Concept Tag releasers provide enhanced security

Concept Tag is excited to announce that from June 2021 all the new concept releasers sold will come with the added benefit of the on / off feature as standard.

Automatically enhanced security

The on/off feature means that if a till area is left without staff, the concept releaser automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity, meaning it cannot be operated. This prevents customers from slipping behind the counter to remove the tag as well as cleaners and fulfilment staff who are working out of hours and might have access to both stock and the releaser.

Once the releaser has switched off, it can only be reactivated with a simple “key” card issued to staff members. Reactivation is both easy and instant and all the staff members has to do is touch the releaser with the card and it’s ready to go, so there’s no interference or delay to the sales process.

On/off as standard

This on/off feature was previously only available at an added cost but thanks to recent investment in development we are able to announce that this new feature is now standard in all concept boards sold. Agon are able to supply these new releasers in a standard format being on and ready to operate 24/7 or they can be set up in on/off mode by the engineer prior to installation.

From a retail perspective, this adds an important and additional layer of security and peace of mind that stock is protected at all times, especially in large stores where tills and releaser devices may be unmanned or unattended at times. It also represents Agon’s determination to continue to innovate and provide an outstanding range of high performance products in the fight against retail theft and shoplifting.

If you’d to know more about the new concept releaser or to discuss how we can help improve your security, please get in touch.