Greater choice and even better protection with the Concept Tag upgrade and two new sizes

Back in March, when retailers were forced to close their doors and the world shut down in the face of the pandemic, Agon took the decision to invest and innovate.

The Concept Tag was already proving phenomenally successful in bringing down theft rates but as we collated our client feedback, we realised there was a need to introduce different size Concept Tags to meet the very varying requirements of retail.

The original Concept Tag

The original tag came in 50mm RF AM RFID and is our flagship size tag and still a firm favourite.

Clearly visible as a theft deterrent, it makes it quite obvious that a garment is protected and is a versatile size than can be used across many different garment ranges.

New 40 and 45 mm sizes

Now, as retail prepares to re-open, we can announce the introduction of our two new Concept Tag sizes: the 40 mm and 45 mm.

The 40 mm RF “no ink” Concept Tag is ideally suitable for children’s ranges in naturally small sizes and the delicate fabrics of lingerie. The tag has all the usual Concept Tag benefits and is clearly visible as a deterrent to attempted theft but is small enough to fit these smaller items and not interfere with the buyer experience.

The new 45mm RF is well suited to high end, higher value retail where a smaller tag than the traditional 50mm is needed due to the aesthetics of the garment and its presentation. As with the 40 mm, it still delivers the high levels of security and performance you’d expect and in fact, the 45 mm Concept Tag is so versatile and efficient that we believe it may become the future standard size.

The next generation Concept Tag

Using the time provided by lockdown over the spring and summer, we also invested in giving our entire range an upgrade and we can now announce the production of the next generation Concept Tag. The next generation Concept Tag has increased strength via a metal disc behind the entrance holes that prevents drilling and screwing when attempting to try and open and remove the tag.

We’ve also developed a stronger spring to add yet another layer of protection against illicit removal.

More choice and greater protection

As retailers now start down the road to recovery, we’re delighted to be able to introduce a more comprehensive and versatile range and an even higher level of garment protection to complement our existing range.  The new sizes are now available to order.

If you’d like to know how much you could save in retail losses by introducing the Concept Tag into your stores, why not try our quick and easy savings calculator. Or just get in touch to find out more.