Falabella in Concept Tag trial

Chile’s Falabella — the largest department store chain in South America — is the latest retail name from the Americas to agree to a trial of the Concept Tag solution.

The retailer has started a four-month trial that will see 3,000 Concept Tags placed throughout two of its stores.

Early indications from the Falabella profit protection team is that the test has already shown an early reduction in defeated tags compared to their normal levels.

This trial continues a strong early showing for the Concept Tag across North and South America since the appointment of a dedicated sales and business development team for the region.

Phillip Stein, Vice President of Sales (Americas) for Agon Systems, said: “It’s still early days for the Concept Tag in this part of the world, but getting the opportunity to introduce Falabella to it already is a testament to how much of an effective product it is.

“I look forward very much to seeing the results of this trial and hope before long we are rolling the Concept Tag out to all 100 of their stores.”