Agon Systems launches Concept Tag Training & Development Platform

Part of Agon Systems’ ongoing mission is to provide the best service along with our highly effective retail loss prevention products such as the Concept Tag.

The tangible benefits of using our innovations are already clear. They will help reduce stock loss through theft, deter thieves from coming into your stores, and allow staff members more time to focus on assisting customers.

As for the intangible benefits, we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our end-to-end service to loss prevention teams in the UK and further afield.

We have now developed a progressive web app (PWA) as a means of delivering training and development.

This has been designed for all stakeholders – from store staff, management, and shopfitters – that will come into contact with the Concept Tag in some capacity.

Training Videos screenshot

Utilising a PWA for this training platform has some key advantages.

First, the PWA is both fast and reliable. Videos will load instantly, even in uncertain network conditions.

Next, it has the ability to be viewed across all devices, both desktop and mobile. This is an important factor, as we envisage it will be used the most by shopfloor staff and installers who will need to be on the move.

Training app mobile screenshot.JPG
A screenshot of the PWA on an Android device

When accessing the PWA through a mobile device, users will be prompted to save the training materials to their device’s homescreen, essentially as a normal mobile application.

For users on an Android device, there will also be the option to save all the content offline at the click of a button.

The platform contains instructional videos on the following topics:

  • Where to place a Concept Tag on an article of clothing;
  • How to release a Concept Tag using the Concept Tag releaser;
  • How to install a Concept Tag releaser;
  • How to replace a Concept Tag releaser;
  • General troubleshooting, including cleaning maintenance of the Concept Tag releaser.

Sean Welch, Managing Director of Agon Systems, said: “We’re delighted to launch this app as part of our investment in the continued development of service we provide along with the Concept Tag itself.”

“We’re particularly happy with the ability for the entirety of the app to be downloaded onto Android devices,” Sean added. “It’s something we think will be particularly welcome alongside our expansion into emerging markets, where Android is far more common over iPhones and Internet connections might be weaker.”

For more information on the Concept Tag, including using our patented calculator to help determine how much your retail business could save, please visit