Alarm Tag

Damage-free protection for high-value merchandise

The Concept Alarm Tag builds upon the innovative security system within the Concept Tag, providing a highly effective way to tackle retail theft while keeping garments fully intact.

For leather and Gore-Tex jackets to handbags, the lanyard design of the Concept Alarm Tag means retailers can protect their stock without the need for metal pins going through the product.

The World’s Best Alarming Lanyard Tag

The Concept Alarm Tag deters thieves by emitting a 100 decibel alarm as soon as it detects someone is trying to bypass or remove it.

Impossible to remove with magnets and hooks, the introduction of the Concept Alarm Tag means that all apparel items within the store can now be protected by the world-leading Concept Tag technology.

Available as standard in lengths of 20cm and 120cm. For bulk orders, alternative and bespoke sizes can be arranged.

Retail Advantages

Increased Sales
With reduced theft, more stock is available to be sold.

Improved Customer Service
Allow sales staff to concentrate on your customer and worry less about dealing with potential thieves.

Safer Environment
Criminals no longer target your stores, which creates a safer and more pleasant environment for both staff and customers.

Working with global retailers to reduce fashion losses due to external theft by 50% or more
How much could I save?

The new Concept Tags have been a godsend. My branch was experiencing almost daily problems with stock being de-tagged by offenders, but since the changeover to the Concept Tag we’ve not had one reported incident of stock being de-tagged or tags found defeated. Because the tags are that secure, double tagging is not required.

JD Sports Store Manager, Trafford Centre